About The 5303CE

The 5303CE combines the style of the 1953 Corvette with the performance and conveniences of a C5 2003 Corvette, hence "53-03 Commemorative Edition" or 5303CE.

The base 5303CE car was the brainstorm of Steve Pasteiner of AAT Cars located just outside of Detroit Michigan. You can see this and other cars they make by Clicking Here

I then added a bunch of extreme modifications to make what I felt was the ultimate 5303CE. Although the car took almost a year to build, it was definitely worth the wait. Alot of people worked together to make this car a reality for me and I truly thank them all.

The "Vendors" button has links to the many businesses and people that were involved in the making of my dream car.

Want to learn more and see the process? Check out the Gallery link!

Many pics have captions explaining the detailed work involved...